Basic Tutorial On Creating Multi-Table Query In MS Access

If you want the query able to handle more detailed and complicated records for you, simple query like one-table query is not enough, you need multi-table query. Assuming that you already know how to design a simple query, why you don’t learn one with multi-table? Since multi-table query will answer your complicated question, designing one is somewhat not easy. Even so, if you know already about designing one-table query, you have basic information that you need to build more complicated query.


multi table query access

multi table query access


It takes hard work to design multi-table query. Furthermore, if you have no big picture about kind of question you expect to get answered from the query. That is why planning is very crucial when designing a typical multi-table query. For starter, decide beforehand what typical information that you want to find from your query and how exactly you will find the information. Surely, you cannot move to any phase of designing multi-table query if you have no clue about the previously mentioned.

How to plan multi-table query,

1. Shorting filter or narrowing down anything that you likely want to know is the first thing to put into account when you think about planning your multi-table query. If you want your query powerful enough to answer any question, how to build the one like that? Though three other things to consider once you know about kind of information that you expect from your query, the process will be easier.

2. Identify per information that you want to add in your query, this way you can anticipate the query result.

3. Locate any field that you think important for the query.

4. Think about the criteria information. Almost looks like no.1, even so, you have to determine the criteria of you query thoroughly. For instance you need to think about what kind of field you want to search? Type of information that you need or you likely want to know, and find out about the way how you will get the information that you need.

Planning the multiple queries, some of you may consider it as useless because it looks like more theoretical than practical until the time you realize that planning for multiple queries can brainstorm you and gives you ideas about the best way to build the multiple queries based on your needs. After you know about what you need for the query, designing multiple queries won’t be as complicated as you have on mind.

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