How To Create A Query In Access 2016

Designing multiple queries, you need to know how to plan the query because it makes the process easier. Herein you will get some information about each step of planning your query before you design one.

How To Create A Query In Access 2013

How To Create A Query In Access 2013

1) Pinpoint the question that you are likely to ask, for this one, think about the reason why you need multiple queries. For instance, you want to know about customer’s information of your bakery shop as you want to organize certain event, since it is impossible to invite those customers who live faraway from the city, you need records of customers who live in the city, near the city limits and customers who put their orders at the shop. Based on that information, you know what question to ask.

2) Identify the information that you need for the query. Because of you want to know about your customers, then you will need any information related to name of your customers, zip code, contact, address, and more. In order, you get exactly what you need, ensure that you add order ID numbers.

3) Locating certain table that is important to give you information that you need. There are various tables to learn to make you more familiar with them, so then you can easily locate the particular tables anytime you need them. You need information about customer, thence you need Customer table for this where you can add any fields which are pivotal for you. Another table that you need is order table, since you add order ID number to identify information that is necessary.

4) Determining or setting criteria of things that you want to search, this phase is like filtering information but with advanced method. Set the criteria for the query it makes you only get the information that you need and nothing else. For instance, you don’t want to include customers in Raleigh, the query will exclude customer’s information who live in Raleigh. Else, if you want to include customers with phone number that begin with certain number like 919, again you will only get customers whose phone number begin with 919. Keep in mind that when you are writing the queries, you need first to set the Criteria of your query in certain language or certain way Access will understand. Since it is useless if it is the opposite. Learn more about most common Criteria that is used so then Access can understand the language that you use for the query.

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