Create A Query Based On Multiple Tables In MS Access

As we know that working with more than one table based query will require more attention as we don’t want to miss some point. If you feel comfortable enough in working with one table based query, adding more table will not be too difficult, but always pay attention to the detail and your main point to achieve on the query. Now we will learn on how to create multi table query.

create multi table query access 2016

create multi table query access 2016


access combine two tables with same fields

access combine two tables with same fields


• First you need to click Query Design command on the Create tab on the Ribbon. Then the dialogue box will appear with the name of all tables you have in this database. Click on the tables that you want and then click “Add”, after that you can click “Close”

• Tables that you pick will appear on the Object Relation Pane and both of them will be connected by the join line. Join line is basically an arrow that shows from which table you will filter the information. If you are not sure about the direction of the arrow, you can change the function by double clicking on the arrow and the direction will change.

• Join Property dialogue will appear and you need to select the direction of your join related to the position of the tables.

• After that you need to choose the field name to work on which then after you double click it, it will appear on the design grid bellow the Object Relation Pane. You can take fields from both tables you add.

• After filling up the field to the design grid you can also add Sort option by clicking on the table and click the drop down arrow to choose either descending or ascending. You can also just leave Sort area blank and move to the Criteria part. On Criteria you can write down how you want to sort the object. For example you want to sort only people who don’t live inside the city. So you put Not In “city name”. You can also add more criteria based on the fields you have. And after that don’t forget to click Run on the Ribbon on Design tab.

Once the Run clicked, you will see the result in a table looks back to the Access window. Don’t forget to always save the query you just made to avoid any accidental command to your database. You can save by clicking the Save command on the Quick Access Toolbar on the upper left corner of the window and write down the file name and then Save.

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Create A Query Based On Multiple Tables In MS Access | access2016 | 4.5