How To Modify A Query In MS Access

We have learned on how to make a simple query based on only one table and multi tables based query. Now we will learn on how to modify the query. On your query, you can add not only one, but as many fields you have as possible and add also Sort option on how you want the result to be sorted. How can you use the Criteria and also the Sort row to make the desired Query?

Unlike the Criteria option that you need to make the “code” by yourself, the Sort row will have its own options which are Ascending and Descending. Then you can also learn how to hide the field you don’t want to see but still in the Criteria option. You can start by following these instructions:

• First to follow up the instruction you need to have Access 2016 program installed in your computer, you will also need the sample database for Access 2016 that you can download.

• After that you can open the datasheet of Query which will show you the result of the previous Query on the table look. To change the Query options, you need to be back to the Design view by clicking the dropdown View tab in the Ribbon and choose the Design View. You must have noticed the SQL View or Layout View which you simply need to ignore because it is normally used for the complicated Access function which also not common to use in the beginner and medium level.

• You can also find the command to go to the Design view by clicking the small view icon on the far right corner of the Access window. There are three different small icons just like the command in the View tab which are Design View, SQL View, and Form View.

• Once you are in the Design View you can change the current Criteria and add the Sorting part by choosing Ascending or Descending. You can also try to hide or show the fields by check or uncheck the small checklist box just below the Sort row.

how to modify the query to show only records

how to modify the query to show only records


how to modify a query in ms access

how to modify a query in ms access


Don’t forget after that you still need to click Run command on the Ribbon and see if it works as you prefer it. If so, then you can do more exercise using different type or sorting. But if the datasheet shows incorrect result, you can click again to Design View and figure out where do you miss the database command.

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