Understanding Tables In Microsoft Access 2016

Access 2016 is a program that allows you to work on some data sources as database. You will be able to work on data like record of customer order in a bakery shop by making some different data related to the database, for example the name or customer, address, number of order, price, and allergy. That information sometimes cannot be just stored in one table of Ms Excel because information stands on itself and is not linked to other information. For example, you have one table of information about the name of customer and their address to send the cake, while you also have the table of information about the customer allergy. Both input object carries different information and when you set to work on costumer who has peanut allergy and where to send the cookies, the Access 2016 will show you the sorted information.

Well, after talking about the basic of Access 2016 we need to understand the main object of the database which is the table.


• What is a Table in Access
Access Table is important because no matter that there are kind of objects like forms, queries, and reports apart from the table, the table still becomes the heart of the whole database because in the table we store all of the data.

• Opening Tables
So now we learn how to open the database. Opening the table is not difficult. After you open the Access 2016 window, you can scroll down on the Navigation Pane and find the table you desire to work with then double click it. The table will be opened and ready to work on. The name of the table will also appear on the Document Tabs bar.

• Understand the Table function
Table in Access 2016 is looking very similar to the table in the Ms. Word. You will find the rows and the columns. In Access 2016 the horizontal rows you call it Record, while the vertical column you call it Field. A field is organizing the information by type, for example cookie, name, address, email, etc. In the other hand, the Record is consisting of all the type of information related to one id or code. Each Record has code or id that is unique and cannot be changed. You can only add records, and delete the records. When you create a table in datasheet view access automatically adds a field called ID. While a field used to connect one table logically with another table is called a relationship field.

Learn how to use the table and do the trial by downloading the Access sample database and then try to open table, add record, delete record and then familiarize yourself to the Home bar above.

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