How To Write Query In Ms Access 2016

When you work with Access 2016, you must be remember at the time you learn how to create a query in access. This function can be found by creating a query. Query is, let’s say, a filter that simplify your database into the table, or any sort of database according to your preferences. It is like you have many kinds of clothes and you want to sort the clothes in red or blue. The query helps you to sort quickly and correctly to leave you only working with red or blue clothes. To understand better, you can also set filter from more than 2 objects.

How To Write Query In Ms Access

How To Write Query In Ms Access

Working with one table as the sources is easier from more tables, but there is possibility that we need to work with many different tables. How you can work without getting messy with all the database information? You can follow few steps below:

• Find Types of Queries in MS Access. Find out what exactly are you looking from all the data you want to make. For example you need the Name, Address, Type of Orders, and ID Number. It helps figuring out from what table you can get this information and build the simple and strong database.

• Select Query in Access. Continuing the Pinpoint. Identify means you need to know what type of information you want.

• Locate. Where is the location of these information you want to work on.

• Determine. Determiner the criteria of the information from fields that you need to make it sorted.

Now talking about working with two or more tables, how we can join them into the same queries? Following the way on working with only one table, now before clicking Close on the dialogue box when you choose the table, you can click one more table, click “Apply”, and then “Close”. By this you will have two tables ready to work on. But between the tables there will be arrow between the two tables’ information which is pointing to either left or right. It means if the arrow is pointing right, it will only match the information from data left table first and only then look at the data on the right table that relate on the data from the left table. This works the other way around if you change the arrow from right to left. The main point is which table you want to include all the data and at the same time become the filter of the data on the other table.

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