Design One Table Query In MS Access

In order to help you to understand more about the design process of query for your own benefit, you can start designing the simplest version of query. Once you master one-table query which is the basic form of query design, you gradually can add the number of tab based on your need.

Designing One Table Query

Designing One Table Query


create table from query access

create table from query access


make table query access 2016

make table query access 2016


Creating a simple one-table query,

a) Give you the material that you need for designing query, click Practice Database.

b) Create your query afterward.

c) Select certain table you want to include for the query, and it can be anything, even so this time ensure that you pick Customer table.

d) Add fields based on your needs for the query, as you need customer information, ensure that you include zip code, latest name, first name, city, and also address street, this way you can get comprehensive information that you need.

e) After you add the fields to include to your query, the next thing is you have to set the search Criteria. When it comes to this, locate the the city field and then you type certain city for certain customers. In here, choose Durham, therefore you type, “Durham” with quotation mark, this way you will get information about your customer from Durham only. Type also with quotation mark the zip code in or:row. Because the city is Durham, the zip code is 27514, as you add the quotation mark, it becomes, “27514”. Now, for the reason that you use both the city and the zip code to gather customer information, the result for the query will include customers who live in Durham or those whose zip code are 27514.

f) Finish with the setting for the Criteria, you can run the query. Here the clue to know whether you put the query properly or not. The result of the query is 15 records for both customers in the aforesaid zip code or customer who live in Durham. If your result is not 15, means there is something wrong about the query that you’ve entered.

g) Before saving your query, ensure that you set the name properly, therefore you have no problem anytime you need the query. The name of the saved records, you can set one that relevant to the main reason why you need the query. For instance, the query that you design to obtain information of customers who live in Durham, you can set the name like this; Customers Who Reside In Durham or something similar with it.

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